5 JUNE 1920, Page 14


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR "] Sta,—Your notes last week on the N.U.R.'s new demands were very true. There is an old Scotch story about a Probationer, who whilst preaching, standing on an ant-heap, suddenly called out: "Brethren, I know I have the word of the Lord in my mouth, but the dell is in my breeks." Mr. J. H. Thomas always reminds me of this story. His words sound all right. He has the reputation of being a moderate man. His acts are the opposite. He nominally repudiates "Direct Action," and yet recommends the N.U.R. men not to handle munitions for Poland. What is that but "Direct Action" interfering with the policy of the Government. He is likely to make the same recommendations regarding Ireland. He supports Belshevism in acts. Lenin and Co. must not be interfered with. They may lie the worst and most bloody tyrants the world has seen, but as they claim to do it in the name of " the worker " Thomas

and Co. can find no fault with them.—I am, Sir, &c., K.