5 JUNE 1920, Page 2

In the small hours of yesterday week a determined attack

was made by about 200 Sinn Feiners on the police barracks at Kilmallock, in County Limerick. The garrison of ten policemen held out from 2 to 7 a.m., until they were surrounded by the flames of the barracks, and two of their number were killed by the collapse of the roof. The remaining eight then fixed bayonets and cut their way to safety, having steadily refused every offer of terms, although it must have seemed impossible that they should escape under fire in broad daylight. We are glad to see that their resourceful leader, Sergeant O'Sullivan, and his seven constables have all been promoted.. The inquest on the two victims could not be held, because only six jurors, out of fourteen summoned, ventured to answer to their names. It is, of course, only by reason of this docility of the people at large, caused in great part by sheer terrorism, that Simi Fein is able to make head- way in Ireland. Amongst a race of a different stamp from the " downtrodden peasantry " no; such domination would be possible for any length of time. It is gratifying to see that various raids on police barracks which were arranged in the earlier days of this week were failures, in one case through the intervention of a cavalry patrol which dispersed two hundred armed raiders in Kilkenny with almost ludicrous ease, and in the other cases through the resolute defence of the gallant R. L C.