5 JUNE 1920, Page 2

It is announced that Mr. Herbert Samuel has _been appointed

High Commissioner for Palestine, under the mandate assigned to Great Britain. As an experienced- administrator, Mr. Samuel will- find plenty of -work to do in. Jerusalem. Order- has been; maintained under; the military rule, but the foundations of civil government are barely laid in that long neglected country. > We. trust that Mr. Samuel .will from the outset study economy.. There is no reason why, if, private capital is given proper facilities,;: Palestine should not soon- become self-supporting. • The tourist traffic alone ought to yield a considerable revenue, The wealthy Zionists of America will doubtless promote. agriculture and -local industries as soon B8 they are assured of security for their money and their • people. Our financial responsibilities for Palestine ought to be most strictly limited. The garrison alone will, for the time beingioost far more than we can really afford.