5 JUNE 1920, Page 2

M. Millerand, the French Premier, took the chief part yesterday

week in the French Chamber's debate on the Allied financial policy towards Germany. He referred at length to the H3 the conversations, and made the important announcement that r definite sum has as yet been decided by the Allies for Germany's indebtedness to them. The figures said to have been mentioned at Hythe were only used " to give reality to the discussions" ; in other words, they were merely the x of the Allied algebraists, At the same time he committed himself to the statement that the cost of reparation of war damages in France alone exceeds the colossal sum of 200,000 million francs—roughly half of the British National Debt at the present rate of exchange. We are glad to observe that M. Millerand seems to favour an early decision as to, the total amount of the bill to be presented to Germany. The longer this is left vague,. the more difficult it will be for •Germany to get to work with a view of paying any- thing. M. Millerand also stated that the Allies were in agree- ment as to the necessity of occupying more German territory if Germany delayed any longer in fulfilling her obligations under the Peace Treaty. The sitting. terminated in a •vote of con- fidence carried by 535 votes against 68.