5 JUNE 1920, Page 2

We observe with regret, but without surprise, that Mr. J.

H. Thomas and his executive have contrived to evade the very plain question raised by the" direct action " of the Irish members of the National Union of Railwaymen, The Irish railwaymen and dockers refused last week, and still refuse, to handle stores for the troops in Ireland. That is, in plain language, an act of rebellion. These members of the National Union of Railwaymen refuse to recognize, and attempt to destroy, the lawful Govern- ment of the United Kingdom. We should have thought, some time ago, that Mr. Thomas and his executive, as law- abiding citizens, would- have been quick to rebuke their Irish members and order them back. to. their work. But they have done nothing of the kind. First of all, the railwaymen's leaders on Thursday week referred the question to the " Triple Alliance." On Monday a committee of the " Triple Alliance " decided that the matter should be passed on to the Parliamentary Committee of the Trade Union Congress, with a request for the summoning of a special Congress to deal with it. Mr. Thomas thus plays for time, before deciding between law and rebellion.