5 JUNE 1920, Page 23

The Diary of a Police Surgeon. By Graham Grant. (C.

Arthur Pearson. 3s. 6d. net.)—Colonel Grant has lived and practised in the East-End for a generation. His plain matter-of-fact notes on some of the queer or tragic cases with which he has had to deal are instructive, though by no means pleasant, reading. He does not, like Gorki, find romance in the under-world, but he sees the humour as well as the horror. As a police surgeon in Shadwell and Wapping he has had to deal with a good many cases of murder, but these are by no means the most interesting features of the book. His brief chapter on " The Sidney Street Siege " does not elucidate that strange story, but the author says that the anarchists who were killed were Croatians and not Russians.