5 JUNE 1920, Page 23

The German Treaty Text. With Introduction by Lord Robert Cecil

(H. Frowde and Hodder and Stoughton. 58. net.).—This convenient reprint of the Peace Treaty is published for the Institute of International Affairs, under the editorship of Mr. H. W. V. Temperley. The maps are not to be compared with those in the official edition of last summer—which, according to Mr. Temperley, is now unprocurable—but in other respects the reprint is to be preferred for its handier form and for the appendixes and notes. These include the official commentary on the Covenant, extracts from President Wilson's speeches in 1918, a summary of the correspondence preceding the armistice, and the full text of the armistice terms and supplementary conventions. There is an index. It would be well if those who attack the Treaty would first of all read it with care.