5 JUNE 1920, Page 22

The Round Table for June has some instructive and tem-

perate articles on the Turkish Peace Treaty, Egypt, America, and the European problems before the Supreme Council. It also allows a Frenchman to state the French case for reparation and a German to explain the seemingly desperate condition of German national finance. The American correspondent who discusses the political situation thinks that the Republican Convention at Chicago this month will, by its choice of a Presi- dential candidate, determine the issue of America's partici- pation in the League of Nations. " If Johnson should win, it would spell the Treaty's defeat. If Hoover should win, it would mean a resounding victory for the League. If Wood should gain the nomination, it would indicate a reluctant

willingness of the party to accept international responsibility. 'What it would mean if the Old Guard's nominee should prevail cannot be estimated until their candidate is known."