5 JUNE 1920, Page 23

We have received a further batch of the useful Peace

Handbooks prepared by the Historical Section of the Foreign Office for the edification of the British delegates in Paris. Nine of these relate to the Near East ; we may name, in particular, a History of the Eastern Question (3s. 6d. net), Albania (2s. not), and a die- passionate account of that highly controversial subject, Mace- donia (2s. net). Nme other pamphlets deal• with Alsace-Lorraine (2s. 6d. net); Lorraine and Saar Minefields (18. net), the extremely complex history of Schleswig-Holstein (2e. Od. net), German Colonization (3s. net), The Kid Canal and Heligoland (1s. net), and with certain border provinces of Germany before the war. These other pamphlets relate to Trentino and Alto Adige (la. net), Spain (Is. net) and Spitzbergen (1s. net). We gather from a provisional list that these handbooks will number a hundred and sixty-two in all, with four volumes of maps. If the British delegates were not well informed on all points, it was not the fault of the very competent editors and authors of these hand. books.