5 JUNE 1926, Page 29


Gallienne. (Putnam. 10s. 6d.)-The Story of the Jews. By Lewis Browne. (Cape. 7s. 6d.)-Rural Scotland during the War. (Oxford University Press. Its. 6d.) The India Office. By Sir Malcolm C. C. Seton. (Putnam. 7s. 6d.)-Sarajeoo. By R. W. Seton-Watson. (Hutchinson. 18s.)-The Little Poor Man of Assisi. By J. 0. Dobson. (Student Christian Movement. 3s. 6d.)-Leon Trotsky. By Max Eastman. (Faber and Gwyer. 6s.) MISCELLANEOUS :-Walt Whitman. By John Bailey. (Mac- millan. 5s.)-The Art of the Miniature Painter. By Dr. George C. Williamson and Percy Buckham. (Chap- man and Hall. 21s.)-The Gipsy in Music. By Franz Liszt. Translated by Edwin Evans. Two Volumes. (Reeves. 15s. net.)-The History of Spiritualism. By A. Conan Doyle. Two volumes. (Cassell. 42s.) The Branch Banking Question. By C. Wallace Collins. (Macmillan. 7s. 6d.)-The Handbook and Directory of Adult Education. (Deane and Sons. 2s. 6d.) SCIENCE :-Progress and the Unfit. By Leonard Huxley. (Watts and Co. 21s.)-The Physiology and Continuity of Lite. By D. Noel Paton. (Macmillan. 12s.)-The Gist of Evolution. By Horatio H. Newman. (Macmillan. 6s.)- Scientific Humanism. By Lothrop Stoddard. (Scribners. 7s. 6d.) SPORT :-Notes on the Game Birds of Kenya and Uganda. By Sir F. J. Jackson. (Williams and Norgate. 25s.)- The Lawn Tennis Masters Unveiled. By R. H. Liddell Hart. (Arrowsmith. 5s.) NOVELS :-The Emigrants. By Johan Bojer. (Hodder and Stoughton. 7s. 6d.)-The Abbot of Kirksiall. By CoL T. W. Harding- (Heifer. 6s.)-The City in. the Sea. By H. de Vere Stacpoole. (Hutchinson. 7s. 6d.) The Westwood Mystery. By Charles J. Dutton. (Hurst and Blackett. 7s. 6d.)