5 JUNE 1964, Page 15

SIR,—The effect of commercial radio in the United States is

scarcely debasing when one considers that San Francisco, population 880,000, provides far better radio service for twenty-four hours daily than can the BBC for eighteen hours. Individual preferences can be more closely approximated by a wider, more refined range of broadcasting stations. Though the BBC would no doubt contradict me, I cannot believe that all England is either light, medium or heavy treacle.

True, there are commercials in America, San Francisco included, but the average American learns to switch off mentally and thus dispose of most of the pleas. 'No' by evasion is a possibility.

The American who envies Britain's broadcasting may have only read of it. The real article could with difficulty be more sterile. As a former employee of nasty commercial radio in the United States I feel the introduction of commercial sound into Britain with attendant further diversification of services could only be of benefit to the listener. BILL BUTLER 24 Craven Road, W2