5 JUNE 1971, Page 25

Women's pages

Sir: It is understandable—laud- able, even—that a wine-writer should get obsessive about labels. Still, as far as 'Women's Pages' are concerned, Pamela Vandyke Price's preoccupation with the tag gives her a sadly blinkered view of what the current vintage is actually about.

For a start, most of them have actually dropped the exclusive label, so arc in fact presented as general feature pages—as she wants.

We at 'Women's Guardian' still use the label, but though we may make fun-loving Pam wilt with what she conceives as an over- dose of worthiness, there are those who can taste the brew for what it is: 'It has become one of the live- liest general interest pages in daily journalism.' What the Papers Say Award, 14 January 1971.

'The Mirror . . . cannot resist saying a word of special admiration for its women's pages; like all the best women's pages they are read by men.' Daily Mirror, 5 May 1971.

Peter Fiddick Assist ant Features Editor, The Guardian, 192 Grays inn Road, London wcl