5 JUNE 1971, Page 27


Ladies' Day at Epsom received shabby treat- ment from the Sunday papers. Having devoted acres of print to the Derby, the Oaks was dismissed with a couple of lines on unopposed Altesse Royale—a devotion un- comfortably reminiscent of that accorded Cawston's Pride before her Guineas' hu- miliation by the current heroine. Yet fillies being temperamental customers favourites can only boast a 50 per cent success story in recent years, and although this one is out- standing on all known evidence, statistics indicate that there's scope for a gamble. Mariel could prove dangerous on her close second in the Irish 1,000 and the Queen's Albany would be a popular answer, however, I suspect most excitement from Altesse's two stable companions, Maina and Yelda. The latter has shown steady improvement in her last three wins, particularly when striding away from her Cheshire Oaks rivals last month. While Mahn made an impressive start to finish debut in the Lingfield Trial. There's little to choose between the pair, but the latter has Piggott which seems to swing the decision. Forty minutes earlier trendy Peter Robinsons' take their first steps in the field of race sponsoring. Unhappily publicity hasn't justified an outstanding entry for the 'Fashion Handicap', so recent winners Tamergene, Divine Thought and Pasha should fight it out. The latter had an easy race with 8 stone 11 lb at Bath and can win again. Later a move for Red House should be noted in the Abbot's Hill Handicap. He put in a strong finish when just missing fourth place in Saturday's 'Jubilee' at Kempton, but for the winner I side with Hierarch who put a stop to smart Medicinal Compound's winning run when defeating him at York.

Assets: £63.34. Outlay: £3 e.w. Maina, £2 to win Pasha and Hierarch.