5 JUNE 1971, Page 7

Pale-faced Enoch

We are now being told that the bounce is not on. I am delighted to hear it. But it certainly was on. It certainly was the very earnest hope of the senior party manage- ment that the major decision could be taken by the Cabinet and the Commons before the summer recess: for the very good and simple reason that no one occupying the highest level in the party, inside and outside 'Good day, I'm from the Super Insurance Company, I wonder if you want any odd jobs done?' the Cabinet, fancied the idea of a long hot summer of rising prices and further public disenchantment with the Market. followed by a Trades Union Congress coming out against, a Labour party conference coming out against, and a Tory party conference deeply divided and disturbed, and emotionally ready to rise to their feet when pale-faced Enoch strode forward to the rostrum. The old conference trick of intro- ducing Sir Alec to the platform at precisely this moment could hardly be attempted again, not even at a Tory conference.