5 JUNE 1971, Page 7

The elitist ultras

But talking to some of the pro-marketeering stalwarts in his party, I derive the impres- sion that they do not really care about prices or about unemployment—or about keeping their own seats and remaining on speaking terms with their own local parties—half so much as they care about rushing, bouncing. conning the people into Europe. Such elitist ultras as Mr Dick Taverne and Mr Robert MacLennan (the latter being the principal organiser and begetter of the Guardian's 'notorious advertisement of the brave hundred) do not even wince when you ask them whether they would use their Labour votes to keep a Tory government in power. It may be that in Mr MacLennan's Caithness and Sutherland his constituents are so used to living in the back of beyond that they would scarcely notice an entry into Europe. But in Mr Taverne's Lincoln. he is already at loggerheads with his local party—and the real in-fighting hasn't started yet.