5 MARCH 1881, Page 23

The Educational Year-Book, 1851 (Cassell, Fetter, Galpin, and Co.), presents

to the reader a great mass of information, carefully collected and, on the whole, well digested. There are, perhaps, one or two things to which exception might be taken. What is really a private venture should not have been classed with the incorporated institutions, King's College and University College, as making up the trio of "Higher Colleges in London. We are aware, however, of the difficulty in which the editor of such a publication must find himself of doing anything but accenting a college or school's valuation of itself. Wherever we have tested the information supplied by the book, we have found it accurate and complete. As for its quantity, it is but eeldom: we fancy, that so much has been compressed into such a space, and that with so little sacrifice of clearness.