5 MARCH 1881, Page 3

Mr. G. Howard on 'Saturday carried East Cumberland against Mr.

James Lowther by a majority of $0, the numbers being 3,071 to 3,04.1. The numbers are not high. Mr. Howard polled less by 12 than the lowest Liberal successful at the election of 1880, and less by 90 than the Tory, Sir C. Musgrave. Mr. Lowther, however, not only did not reach Sir C. Musgrave's figure by 120, but was within two of the defeated Liberal in the laid election. We are told that Mr. G. Howard's majority would have been 300, but that he had offended many supporters by some steps taken after his defeat in 1880 about his subscrip- tions, which were considered hasty ; but in elections, we must accept results, and the result is that in this election a typical Tory was beaten, for a seat which a Tory had carried during the great Liberal reaction. Cumberland trusts Mr. Gladstone.