5 MARCH 1932, Page 13

Those who come from depressed areas must ask the ques-

tion, whether the contrast is wholly or chiefly the result of Climate and soil. A personal experience may illustrate the problem. I habitually buy butter from an English farmer in the Home Counties. The butter that he sells to me is not made on his own farm : it is supplied to him from a Cornish farm and he makes a small profit by retailing it. Another fanner in the next parish said to me once that be never had anything but Danish butter in his house, on the ground that "we cannot make butter in England ! " Let no one deny the excellence of Danish butter, which is of a marvellously con- sistent character. It never varies ; but, again, imagine a Cornish farmer advertising the superiority of the Dane or allowing that Cornwall cannot produce as good butter as anyone in the world. Is not Miss Nicholson, the county instructress in dairying, recognized as a famous benefactor ?

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