5 MARCH 1932, Page 17


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] Sus,—The article by Major Yeats-Brown entitled "In a Turkish Hospital," is a timely reminder of the trend our medical servides are taking.. Need scientific diagnosis be the precursor of a nursing system that retards the recovery of the patient? In many of our hospitals the most important essentials to the sick—quietness and rest—are lacking. To those disturbers of repose the tongue seannings, temperature takings, repeated washings and straightening of bedclothes, must be added the constant tapping of heels on wooden floors the ceaseless going and coming of nurses, visiting doctors, student embryo medicos, and the daily application of a machine wielded by a hefty female who finds a peculiar pleasure in pushing it to and fro With resounding thuds over the bare boards. Should a sick person have the temerity to apress a desire that his recovery be in the hands of triedicairiz natura, the soft-footed attendant being into whose hands he has fallen, will take his wish as a manifestation of something being wrong with his mental health.-4 am, Sir, &c.,