5 MARCH 1932, Page 2

But France is at the same time fighting on another

front at Geneva: Her Plan for strengthening the League materially. at the expense of national forces is, from her own point of view, fundamental, and M. Tardieu has gained one of his points in securing the creation of a special political committee of the Conference to discuss this and kindred questions. The committee is necessary, and it is reassuring that Mr. Henderson should have been chosen as its chairman. There are two decisive reasons why the French 'plan should be discussed from every angle and with an open mind. One. is its "own intrinsic, importance. The other is that if the plan were simply side-tracked, still more if it were summarily turned down, France would make no engagements regarding Dis-, armament, which means that there would be no Disarmarnent treaty of any value at all. A letter in last Wednesday's Times over a number of influential signatures, calling for a full and sympathetic examination of the French proposals, is both*wise:rid