5 MARCH 1932, Page 2

Hindenburg and Hider The Hindenburg and Hitler election campaigns are

now in full swing, Herr Hitler having been duly naturalized on accepting appointment as representative of the Brunswick State Government in Berlin. Nationalist and Communist candidates are also running, but may be ignored. With the first ballot' falling on Sunday week the campaign will be short and sharp, with the odds increasingly in favour of the President, who at eighty-four has submitted with a tolerant reluctance to the publicity methods regarded as indispensable stimulants to the considered judgement of the modern elector. Dr. Briining's victory in the Reichstag on Friday was of good omen, particularly since his majority (of 25) was swelled by the refusal of several members of Stresemann's old party, the Deutsche Volkspartei, to obey the Party decision and Vote against the Government. The same dissidents, chief of them Dr. Cintitis, the . late Foreign Minister,' are supporting Hindenburg in the Presidential election. A. Hitlerite success would have disastrous effects on the fortunes of the Left in France, where a general election is 'only about two months distant. German moderates are likely. to be fully alive to that, and with the Social Democrats opposing Hitler strenuously, an electoral defeat, which may be heavy enough to damage his prestige rather seriously, seems in prospect for the Nazi chief: * * * *