5 MARCH 1932, Page 48

Loa]) LxrcnexPE.

The many City friends of Lord Inchcape have noticed with pleasure the announcement which appeared last week to the effect that his health has sufficiently improved to permit the prospect of an early cruise in his yacht to the South of France. There is no one who during the post-War years has done more to serve the cause of economy and sound finance in the country than Lord Inchcape. Some years ago he was foremost among those who on the Geddes Com- mittee achieved drastic economies in the National Expenditure, and, we must recognize that in recent years he has never

failed, in writing and in public speech, to direct attention to those shortcomings-in mil; National Finances and legislation which have served- to intensify depression at home. And despite advancing years there is no one to-day whose yiews on business and finance are more valued than those of Lord Incheape.

A. W. K.