5 MAY 1838, Page 10



The fluctuation of the English Stock Market has been so trifling, that it does not afford scope for any remark ; the variations of any description of Stock not having exceeded per cent. Money, however, is very abundant, and the premium upon Exchequer Bills has increased 2s., while that of lndia Bonds remains the same. India Stock has been steady between 270 and 271; and Bank Stock between 205i and 206. The present torpor of the market maybe at• trihuted to the uncertainty with which the proceedings of the Chancellor dills Exchequer are involved ; and it will doubtless continue until it is known is what way the financial deficit of the year is to be provided for. In the Foreign Market, Dutch Stock has been in a slight demand ; but the price has since reacted the previous advance. The other Northern European Stocks are firm ; Belgian being quoted 101* 102 ex dividend ; and Russian Bonds having been done at 112. Portuguese Bonds had also advanced I per cent. on Monday; the Five per Cent. Regency having been 3:31 ; and the Three per Cent,. 224 ; but both fell again on Wednesday, the former to 32, and the latter to 211: the market has since improved, and they are both today about 1 per cent. higher. Spa- nish Stock has been steady all the week, at 20;1 tr. The South American and Mexican Bonds are also without variation. In the Railway Share Market, an imnrovernent has occurred in the London and Birmingham Shares ; but almost all the others have been steady, and business in them has been unimportant. The transactions in Shares have her chiefly confined to those of the Aspbalte Companies, which seem to multiply la- definitely; and of which two new ones, viz. Robinson's and the Polonceau, have been brought out this week. All these Shares are at a greater or less pre• mium, and speculation appears to be confined entirely to them.


We are without business or any variation of prices this morning. Spanish Active Stock is, however, h per cent. higher. Exchequer Bills and India Bonds are only quoted nominally, not a single bargain having occurred in either of them. The reported victory of Esr,a UTE RO has improved Spanish Active Stock per cent.

3 per Cent.Consols

981 # Ditto for Account 931 3 per Cent. Reduced

92# # New 31 per Cent. Anne


Rank Stuck 205 6 India Stock 270 1 Ditto Bonds

78 SOmn.

Exchequer Bills

70 72pm.

Belgian 5 per Cents 1011 Brazilian 5 per Cents. 761

Danish 74i Dutch 24 per Cents 54 541

Portuguese Regency 5 p. Ctn 331

Ditto 3 per Cent. ...... . •• • 921 RUFRIRU (182R) 5 per Cent Me 111 Spanish (1835) 5 per Cent 2e Deferred Stock 81 5i

f Passive Ditto 41