5 MAY 1838, Page 10

The Waterford Committee met yesterday ; when an extraordinary proceeding

was disclosed. It appeared that a notice had been sent to the agents for the sitting Members, stating that it was not the inten. tion of the petitioners to prosecute the scrutiny of votes, but to pro. ceed on the other allegations in the petition. This notice bore the sig. natures of " Richard William Cherry " and " J. Newport ;" but Mr. Newport denied that the signature was his, or made with his authority. If it should turn out that the notice was not authorized, Mr. Thesi- ger, counsel for the petitioners, said be should not be bound by it. Mr. Austin, for Mr. Barron, the sitting Member, hoped that no trick had been intended. Acting on the notice, he was not prepared to go

into the scrutiny. It was surprising that doubts in regard to the au. thenticity of the notice should now for the first time be stated. The Committee meet again to-day, when Mr. Thesiger will make his intro. ductory speech; leaving the question open for the present.