5 MAY 1838, Page 19


Tee Exhibition of the Royal Academy, in Trafalgar Square, opens on Monday. The Queen visited the Gallery yesterday; and to-day the unnual feed is -given to the Ministerial and Lordly patrons of the Academicians and the Associates expectant. The public, who have been accustomed to %walk freely into the new building, will perhaps be surprised at being stopped for the shilling fee at one door while the other is open to all: those who cannot afford the price of admission, nifty console themselves with a sight of the Coneecaos and TITIANS, the CLauems and REMBRANDT.% on the free side. If they wish to form a notion of the pictures on the other side, they have only to walk into the left. hand closet, and gaze on the works of three Presidents of the Aca- demy: after that, we doubt if they will feel a very strong desire to look upon the performances of the fourth.