5 MAY 1838, Page 2

The Continental intelligence has resumed its insignificant character.

In France there are rumours, not well authenticated, of Minis- terial changes. It has been repeatedly proved that the Govern- ment, on questions affecting its existence, is really safe; and Count MOLE cares as little as Viscount MELBOURNE for being in occasional Parliamentary minorities.

The editor of' the National was tried on Saturday, in the Paris Court of Assizes, on three charges, growing out of an article pub- lished on the previous Monday,--1st, An offence against the Duke of ORLEANS; 2d, a provocation to disobey the laws; 3d, an appeal to the army, tending to produce breach of discipline and a revolt. The pith of the libel was a severe animadversion on the promotion of the Duke of ORLEANS to the rank of Lieutenant-General, con- trary to the regulations. The offence was clearly proved; but the defendant was acquitted, to the great chagrin of the Court and the Government. As a part of the proceedings, the libel was extensively circulated with impunity in all the journals of Paris.