5 MAY 1838, Page 2

The following extract of a letter from Brussels, dated April

28th, is from the Journal des Debats : we have seen no additional particulars of the proceeding mentioned in it ; which may have troublesome consequences.

" Within the last few days, a detachment of 1,000 to 1,200 Prussians re- paired, with much military pomp, to Strasser, a village situate in the strategic radius of the Luxemburg forties.; threw down the tree of liberty which had been recently raised there ; and removed and carried into the fortress the Bel- gian flag which had been placed above the tree. The circumstance being com- municated to the Chamber of Representatives by a Deputy of Luxemburg, has given rise to an animated debate, which has ended in the selection of a Com- mittee upon the question of an address to the King."