5 MAY 1838, Page 6

The prizes were distributed to the students of Medicine in

the Lon. don University on Saturday; the Bishop of Durham in the chair. in was stated that there had been an increase of 57 students, and that the receipts of the institution last year had exceeded the expenditure by about 1,0001. At a meeting of the proprietors of King's College, on the same day, It. was stated that the number of students in that institution bad been. diminished,—in consequence, it was supposed, of the establishment a similar institutions in different parts of the country. The twenty-second anniversary meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society was held on Wednesday, in the great room, Exeter Hall ; Lord Bexley in the. chair. The room was crowded, and the platform was filled by the friends and supporters of the Society. The Secre- tary, Mr. Brown, read the report, which detailed the progress of the So .letY within the past year. There was a slight falling off this year in the amount of the receipts. The expenditure was, however, consi- derably under that of last year. The Bishops of Norwich and Ches. ter spoke at considerable length in support of the objects of the So-

ciety. The aniversary dinner of the supporters of the Caledonian Asylum took place on Wednesday. at the Freemason's Tavern ; the Duke of B.cbmond in the chair. The company was not numerous.