5 MAY 1866, Page 22

Greek Verbs, Irregular and Defective. By W. Veitch. (Macmillan :

the Clarendon Press.)—The Delegates of the Oxford Press understand that there is still a great need of good echool-books and manuals, and believe that the University may with propriety and efficiency do much towards remedying the defect. They have therefore determined to issue a series of educational works in classics, history, physical science, &c. The handy volume before us is the second of the series, and is in every way worthy of the distinction of issuing from the Clarendon Press. "Let us have what the Greeks wrote," says the learned author, and this is the principle on which the work has been compiled by him. Ho gives authority for every tense admitted, and he does what has not been done before—he distinguishes between the simple and the compound forms. We should say that the work will be found indispensable in the case of all who have to do with Greek composition, either as teachers or learners.