5 MAY 1866, Page 3

A German labourer in Philadelphia, whose name is not known,

has attained a singular eminence in crime. He was employed by a grazier named Deering, and formed the design of seizing a little money, about 701., which happened to be in the house. Accordingly he killed an apprentice in the house, and then decoyed Deering's wife and her baby-to the barn, and murdered both. Ile next invited in three other little children and cut their throats, and then waited for Deering himself, who had been absent, and killed him. All the victims disposed of, the whole family exterminated except one lad, who happened to be at school, he leisurely ransacked the house, and then went into the city to enjoy himself. When captured he confessed the murders, but stated that he had an accomplice, of whom he gave a most incoherent account, and whose existence maybe accepted as impos- sible. There could not be in one city two men who could commit unnecessary murder on infants too young to betray them. No such case has occurred since Williams, the man who made up his mind to commit a murder a week, killed the Marrs' little .,-,baby as it slept in the cradle.