5 MAY 1866, Page 3

Captain Mayne Reid has published a letter complaining strongly of

the conduct of the Royal Elthorne Militia, now billeted in Uxbridge. They get drunk, beat respectable citizens, defy the police, assault respectable women, and generally make themselves a dangerous nuisance. Their officers, though quite willing to put down such outrages, are powerless. The Commandant, in reply, says the charges are unfounded and his officers are obeyed, but nobody who knows what a militia regiment can be in a little town will be surprised at Captain Reid's statement. The evil seems to arise from two circumstances, the inaufficient.hold of the non-commissioned officers over the men, and the absence of a regular and irresistible system of patroL Woolwich is filled with regulars, not militiamen, and but for patrol, practically incessant, would in a week be uninhabitable.