5 MAY 1866, Page 3

The farm labourers are beginning to strike. They have struck

in Scotland and part of Kent, and last week struck in Peasmore, Berks. The demand everywhere is for a simple increase of wages, in cash, not perquisites, the.amount demanded at Peasmore being only a shilling a week. The labourers there say they have only 9s. a week, unless their wives work, while an artizan's wages maintain himself and his family. They have, however, one idea essentially false, being instilled into them by the old Poor Law, that a man should receive wages proportioned to the number of his children. That principle will never work, and before the men can hope to succeed they must organize their unions on a larger basis than the parish. There is no doubt whatever that.the universal rise in wages must in the end reach the agriculturists, even should it be found to reduce somewhat the rentals which for the past ten years have increased so exorbitantly.