5 MAY 1894, Page 2

On Friday, the Government succeeded in carrying their- Scotch Grand

Committee scheme. Sir George Trevelyan, however, gave in on Mr. Renshaw's amendment, and agreed, that the Committee of Selection in nominating the fifteen English or Irish Members who are to serve on the Committee,. should, as far as possible, make the Committee reflect the- party conditions of the whole House. On the final division the motion was carried by 25 votes (232 to 207). On this being carried, Sir George Trevelyan introduced the Scotch, Parish Councils Bill, which it is to be the first function of the Grand Committee to discuss. The Bill is to impose no limit on the rating powers of the Councils, and will abolish, the Joint Standing Committee which in Scotch counties supervises the expenditure, and controls the police. Mr. Balfour pointed out this and other blemishes in the Bill, but• reserved further criticism. It can hardly be said that the- Government have kept their pledge to make the Bill non- contentious.