5 MAY 1894, Page 2

One good result of the split in the Irish party

is that it. encourages plain speaking. In the Irish Independent of April 24th, the Parliamentary correspondent, said to be a Nationalist M.P., writes thus of the Evicted Tenants Bill:-- "The land-grabber in Ireland is a legalised brigand, who,. under favouring circumstances, may either retain the property of the evicted tenant in his own possession, subject to the- argument of the blunderbuss, or he may ransom it, if he is wise enough to prefer the solid compensation of a certain amount of coin of the realm to the possible settlement by a certain amount of buckshot. That is the situation created by Mr. Morley's Bill, put into plain language." No better' justification of the opinion we expressed last week on the Evicted Tenants Bill could possibly be produced. The Bill,. as the Parnellites know and are reckless enough to admit, is= anincitement to the use of the blunderbuss.