5 MAY 1923, Page 1

Although information is scanty there is evidently another hitch at

Lausanne. It is reported that France has sent a Note to the Turkish Government declaring that, unless the Turkish troops which have been concen- trated on the Syrian frontier are immediately withdrawn, she will abandon the Lausanne Conference. On the whole, we believe that Turkey desires peace. Certainly Ismet Pasha would sign a treaty to-morrow, but it may be that the extremists are still strong enough to prevent every- thing except fresh provocation. The whole situation is as great an irony as one can conceive. A year ago Great Britain was still trying to prevent France from continuing her honeymoon with the Turks at the expense of her friends. While we remain exactly where we did—in the position of being ready to agree to any reasonable terms—France and Turkey are now almost at one another's throats, and the French Note is said to be indignant and very curt.