5 MAY 1923, Page 11

A correspondent sends me the following :—A most effective contribution

to the establishment of the ideal of the English-Speaking Union in the minds of Englishmen pf the future has been made by Lord Lee of Fareham, President of the Couheil of Cheltenham College. To per- petuate the memory of the late ex-President Roosevelt, and to instil into the minds of the boys of his old school an admiration for Roosevelt's high qualities, and in particular for his rare devotion to public service, Lord Lee has founded, at Cheltenham College, a scholarship, tenable at Oxford or Cambridge, to be awarded to the boy recommended by the Head-Master on the ground of manly qualities, attainments and general record. Every candidate is to be required first to qualify for nomination by competing successfully in an annual examination on Roosevelt's Life, work and ideals, in connexion with which prizes have also been founded.