5 MAY 1923, Page 11

Details of the work of the International Magna Charts, Day

Association are sent to me by the indefatigable founder of the Society, Mr. J. W. Hamilton, of 147 Kent Street, St. Paul, Minn. The idea of emphasizing the importance of a celebration of some sort on Magna Charts. Day (June 15th) is not a new one, and this date was one of those selected by the English-Speaking Union in its original prospectus for a joint celebration by the British- American peoples. But the widespread propaganda which has been conducted in the Press during the past three years on behalf of Magna Charts. Day is very 'largely the work of Mr. Hamilton. One is naturally loth to add to the list of days to be celebrated each year by the public-minded citizen, but most certainly the significance of the entire English-speaking world's fixing on an annual celebration on the day which witnessed the birth of their common free institutions in the " raeadowland of Runnymede" would be difficult to exaggerate.