5 MAY 1923, Page 11

How Australia deals with the fomenters of rebellion ivithin the

borders of the British Commonwealth is demonstrated by a cable in the Times from Melbourne. The Irish Republican envoys met with a very cold reception In Victoria. In New South Wales the Government issued a warning that if any attempt were made, either privately or publicly, to raise funds or obtain any kind of support for rebellion, proceedings would be taken against them. The envoys disregarded the warning and were therefore arrested on Monday, when they had begun to hold a meeting. The Australian Commonwealth Government has rightly drawn the attention of the Imperial authorities to the fact that the delegates were provided with British passports duly certified, and that no intimation was given to the Australian Government of their coming. Mr. Bruce has declared that if he had been warned of the mission the delegates would have been dealt with before they disembarked. If Australia House in London was ignorant of the departure of the Republican envoys for Australia, someone must have blundered. What has the Foreign Office or the Colonial Office got to say on the subject ? Before judgment is passed, it would be well to wait for an explanation.