5 MAY 1923, Page 24

Major-General Sir Geoffrey Twining. A Biographical Sketch by Mary Christine

Ritchie. (Montreal : Chapman. 81.00.) Miss Ritchie has written this memoir of a distinguished Engineer officer to remind her fellow-Canadians that Sir Geoffrey Twining was a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and that he was trained at the Canadian Royal Military College, Kingston, through which in 1865 he received his commission. Be saw much service in India and did great things in the War, during which he became official head of the Corps. He died suddenly in January, 1920. Miss Ritchie has printed inter- esting selections from the diaries that he kept in 1891-92, when he was surveying the route of the Uganda Railway ; it is bard to believe that the wilderness through which the surveyors struggled has been civilized so completely within a generation.