5 MAY 1923, Page 24

The Life of Lord Moulton. By H. Fletcher Moulton. (Nisbet.

15s. net.)

• Lord Birkenhead, in a preface to this memoir, says of Lord Moulton that "no man since the great Bacon has brought to the Bench so consummate a scientific equipment:" Mr. Moulton's book is not all that one could wish—the arrangement is somewhat awkward, and the misprints are numerous- -but it does, at least, illustrate Lord Birkenhead's verdict. Lord Moulton was Senior Wrangler, a brilliant counsel, a

very able judge, and a great organizer of munition supply during the War because he had an exceptionally clear and logical mind. He did not profess to be an expert in any natural science, but he had the scientific temper, and he mastered new problems with astounding speed and thorough- ness. The chapters on the manufacture of amatol and on the Explosives Department contain an interesting account of Lord Moulton's war-work. If there were a few more men like him in our public life we should not long have to lament the general neglect of science in this country. It is interesting to know that he was a good judge of wine and could discuss vintages with the innkeepers in rural France.