5 MAY 1923, Page 3

There, is no parallel to what happened at the Wembley

Stadium when the Cup Final Tie was played last Saturday. The least exciting part of the enter- tainment was that the Bolton Wanderers beat West Ham by two goals to nil. The real excitement was the breaking loose of the crowd. It had been expected that there would be a much larger number of spectators than ever before and arrangements had been made in this expectation, but the crowds exceeded the estimates by many thousands. It has been said that the people inside the Stadium, and those outside who tried to get ' in but failed, numbered altogether over a quarter of a million. - How • far the various authorities—for the Football Association was, of course, in it as well as the Wembley management—were responsible for the con- fusion is quite beyond us to decide. We suspect that most of the newspapers have made a good deal too much out of what was a windfall to them in the way of a stunt. However that may be, thousands of persons, who could not find their way into the Stadium quickly enough or who had no right to get in at all, stormed the outside barriers and advanced over all obstacles like a plague of locusts over a field of maize.