5 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 9


'Baas-coo, .Tonec, and HA RSTON, Tao m AS, Graethare, ironmongers, Oct.31.

Beers NT, WILLIAM, Bishupshuli, Somereetshire, baker, Nov. 1.

GUIPER, JESPER, Entkld Highway, Michilesex, stage-master, Nov. 1-

Owe; sr, Ronear, Upper Stamford Street, reel-cotton and wadding-manufacturer, Nov. I.

Titon x SY, THOMAS, Hadfield, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner, Oct. 31.

.Wt s E, JAMES, King's Road, Chelsea, cowkceper, Nov. 1.


CROFTS. GEORGE, Wells near lite Sea, Norfolk, merchant, from Nov. Ito Nov. 6.

Psow ED )11.::en GIBBS, and PIA/wit/CRT, WILLIAM, Weil; next the Sea, Norfolk, wine and spirit-merchants, from Nov. 1 to Nov. 8. WARD, JAMES, Upper Ground Street, Surry, ironfuunder, from Oct. 1S to Dec.6. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED.

Sy MONS, AbENANota, Falmouth, Cornwall, wine-merchant.


BrcETTELL, JEREM/A Fr, Bristol, cheesefactor, to surrender Nov.19, 14, Dee. 13: solicitors, Mr. Blower, Lincoln's Inn ; and Messrs. Gregory and Smith, Bristol.

CAPPER, 'THOMAS and BeeJaallse Beaufort Buildings, Strand, coal-merchants, Nov. 4, 8, Dec. 13: solicitor, Mr. Jordeson, Fenchurch Street. Foe. en, En west'', Brighton, wine-merchant, Nov. 11, 25, Dec. 13: solicitor, Mr. Dods, Northumberland Street, Strand.

GAPP, JOHN Seymour Mews and Hinds Mews, Marylebone, job-master, Nov. 4, I1, Dec. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Ft-Lovell, Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square. FIoosii:soN, Joffe', and Drsoer, Rieman°, George Street, Hanover Square, tailors, Nov. 4, 11, Dec. 13: solicitor, Sir. Taylor, Great James Street, Bedford itoliwk:mPSTEV., WILLIAM HENRY, Kingston-on-Thames, rectifier, Nov. 8, 15, Dec. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Baxendale and Co. King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street.

LAZAR.US, SAMUEL. MARK, Bath, soap-maker, Nov.14, 15, Dec.13: solicitors, Mr. Nicholls, Lincoln's Inn ; and Mr. Heilings, Bath.

LEES, EDMUND, Manchester, bread-baker, Nov. 17, 19, Dee. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Mr. Hampson, Manchester.

MORSE, WILLIAM, Farringdon Street, and Swan Yard, Holborn Bridge, dealer in glass, Nov. 4, 11, Dec.13: solicitor, Mr. Taylor, Great James Street, Bedford Row.

OLDLAND, JOSEPH, Wootton-under-edge, Gloucestershire, clothier, Nov. 15, 16, Dec. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Beetham, Chatham Place, Blackfriars ; and Mr. Hulls, King Street, Gloucester. PRATT, Trio:trAs, Exeter, druggist, Nov. 12, 17, Dec. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Brutton and Clipperton, New Broad Street ; and Mr. Ford, Exeter. QUINTON, WILLIAM, Walsall, Staffordshire, victualler, Nov. 15, 22, Dec. 13: solicitor, Mr. Trehern, Cornhill. SCOTT, WILLIAM, Newbottle, Durham, miller, Nov. 10, 11, Dec. 13: solicitors 31,1essrs. Swain and Co. Frederick's Place, Old Jewry ; and Mr. Redhead, Sandhill, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. SMITH, JAMES, George Place, Camden Town, Bazaar, Baker Street, Portman Square, and Margate, silversmith, Nov. 4, 11, Dec. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Cooke, Gray's Inn Square. TURNER, ABRAHAM, Halifax, Yorkshire, carpet-manufacturer, Nov. 7, 8, Dec. 33: solicitors, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Co. Gray's Inn Square; and Mr. Stanfield, Halifax.


Nov. 29, Anderson and Wilson, Philpot Lane, merchants-Nov. 29, Vallotton, Old Cavendish Street, Oxford Street, French-warehouseman-Nov. 29, Bassett, Dean Street, Soho, builder-Nov.29, Burton, High Holborn, glass-cutter-Nov. 25, Wood, Kennington Lane, victualler-Nov. 22, Minden, Five Fields, Chelsea, bookseller- Nov. 22, Moore, Church Street, Westminster, stone-mason-Nov. 25, Bedford, Goswell Street, carpenter-Nov. 25, Beach, Hounslow, market-gardener-Nov. 25, Collins, Islington, licensed-victualler-Nov. 15, Sherley, Stanwell, Middlesex, inn- keeper-Nov. 22, Dodgson and Hartley, Cileapside, warehousemen-Nov. 29, Atkins, Gloucester, merchant-Nov. 24. Wells and Hamilton, Liverpool, merchants-Nov. 26, J., H., and G. Bugg, Spalding, Lincolnshire, bankers-Nov. 25. Fisher, Liver- pool, merchant-Nov.23, Hartnell, Bristol, slate-merchant-Nov. 2.5, Browning, Cambridge, innkeeper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Nov. 25. Walmslay, Parliament Street, Westminster, lodging and boarding-house-keeper Regent Street, picture-dealer-M. and J. Bristow, Ratcliffe-highway, Ere-engine-makers-Williams, Bath, tea-dealer-Joyce, Cambridge, boot and shoe-maker-Wayte, Newcastle-under-Lyme, brazier-Ilayllar, Brighton, horse- dealer.


ADAM, ROBERT, Edinburgh, ironmonger, Nov. 9, 25. RAE, J ow: jun. Uddingstone, farmer, Nov. 3, 17.

Friday, November 4.


TOME/NS and Gosrare, Thames Street, malt-factors-Mitts and KITCHENER, l'insbury Place, tea-dealers-HAMILTON and DAVIES, Hayes, surgeons-Wit 1GE1T and WOODHEAn, Woodroyd, Yorkshire, dyers-W. H. and J. W. II U 011ES, Glou- cester, linen-drapers-HAWESWORTII and Co. Liverpool. passenger-brokers- Sat fro and Lewis, Tipton, Staffordshire, pork-butchers-Nonrn and Co. Hunslet, Yorkshire, earthenware-mannfacturers ; as far as regards J. Heetvo itTii-TILST 0 N sand Co. Ellesmere, Shropshire, maltsters-Ba c irr and Co. Buxton, Derbyshire, jewellers; as far as regards I. Bright-HALL and STRETCH, Liverpool, wine-mer- chants-WAsTriELD and GaiST, Bradford, Wiltshire, millwrights-WESTON and SMITH, Southwark, blue-manufacturers-O. and R. WI tiaAats, College Wharf, Lambeth, engineers-PIKE and UNDE lt WO oD, Angel Court, Strand, brass-founders WEDD and IV' 1.1.1A:us, Oxford Street, ironmongers -CLArtxs oN and Wars ox, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, maltsters-S OGDEN and LocEwoon, Springsfield, Yorkshire, fancy-goods manufacturer.


MEAUCHAMP, ROBERT, Holborn Bars, silversmith, Nov. 3. LEE, ALEXANDER, Regent's Quadrant, printseller, Nov. 4. PATERSON, Jous, Tonbridge, coal-merchant, Nov. 4. WATSON, HENRY, Regent Street, printseller, Nov.3.



Square, packers, from Nov. 11 to Nov. 22.


SHAW, WILLIAM, Aston, Staffordshire, chiva-manufacturer.


HERITAGE, JAMES, Uxbridge, draper, Nov. 8, 15, Dec. 16: solicitor, Mr. Ashurst, Newgate Street.

CANNINOS, WILLIAM, Bath, upholsterer, to surrender, Nov. 18, 19, Dec. 16: so- licitors, Messrs. Williams end Bethel', Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. Mackey, Bath. CLARESON, BARNARD, Selby, Yorkshire, banker, Nov. 15, 16, Dec. 16 : solici- tors, Messrs. Wigiesworth and Ridsdale, Gray's Inn; and Mr. Parker, Selby. EVANS, MORGAN, Penmaen Colliery, Monmouthshire, coal-merchants, Nov. 10, 11, Dec. 16: solicitors, Messrs. Hornby and Towgood, St. Swithin's Lane, Lom- bard Street ; and Mr. Towgood, Cardiff* FIELD, DANIEL, Garford, Berkshire, mealman, Nov. 15,16, Dec. 16: solicitors, Itfr. Graham, Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street, London; and Mr. Graham, Abingdon, Berkshire.

GATES, T11031AS, White Hart Court, Lombard Street, money-scrivener, Nov. 11, 28, Dec. 16: solicitor, Mr. Browne, Mitre Chambers, Fenchurch Street. MANSFIELD, THOMAS, and HACKNEY, JAMES, Cobridge, Staffordshire, earthen- ware-manufacturers, Nov. 11, 14. Dec. 16: solicitors, Mr. Barbor, Fetter Lane: and Mr. Dutton, Hanley, Staffordshire. MELDR UM, DAv in, Bath, haberdasher, Nov. 14, 17, Dec. 16: solicitors, Mr. Harvey, Barnard's Inn, London ; and Mr. Hellings, Old Bond Street, Bath. PIPS, Jess E, jun. Great Newport Street, China and glass-dealer, Nov. 15, 2,Dec. 16 : solicitor, Mr. Lewis, Bernard Street, Russell Square. SCHOLFI BCD, Jon N, and Ctoucir, Jons, Selby, Yorkshire, bankers, Nov. 15, 16, Dec. 16 : solicitors, Messrs. Wiglestvorth and Ridsdale, Gray's Inn, London ; and air. Parker, Selby. SHIRLEY, THOMAS, New Bridge Street, Black-friars, wine and spirit-merchant, Nov. 8, 15, Dec. 16: solicitors, Messrs. Wadoson and Co. Austin Friars. • . STEPHEN, JOHN, Great St. Helens, wine-merchant, Nov. 15, 25, Dec. 16 : solici- tor, Mr. Bowles, King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street. TAYLER, WILLIAM WALE, Marylebone Lane, wine-merchant, Nov. 11, 25, Dec. 16 : solicitor, Mr. Smith, Basinghall Street. 5 VICKERY, WILLIAM, Brereton, Cheshire, innkeeper, Nov. 5, 7, Dec. 16: solici- tors, Mr. Cornethwaite, Dean's Court, Doctor's Commons, London ; and Mr. Van- drey, Congleton. WHAYMAN, RICHARD, West Smithfield, victualler, Nov. 8, 18, Dec. 16:

solici- tor, Mr. Young, Warwick Square.

WHITWORTH, WILLIAM, and NICHOLAS, Manchester, corn-factors. Nov. 18, 24, Dec. 16: solicitors, Messrs. Makinson and Sanders, Temple, London ; and Messrs. Atkinson and Birch, Manchester. WILLS, EDWARD POPE, Chichester, Sussex, tailor, Nov. 8, 18, Dec. 16: solici- tors, Messrs. Haslam and Bischoff, Copthall Court, London. WOOD, HENRY, Jermyn Street, upholsterer, Nov. 11, 25, Dec. 16 : solicitor, Mr. Dalston, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.


Nov. 18, Moody, Long Lane, Bermondsey, tanner-Nov. 29, Henry, Haydon Square, Minories, merchant-Nov. 25, Lankshear. jun. Little Chelsea surgeon Nov. 29, Chabert, Newton Place, Pentonville, merchant-Dec. 13, Sclieley, Pater- noster Row, bookseller-Nov. 25, 3. J. and A. Clark, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire-- Nov. 15, Twort, Ilorsmonden, Kent, miller-Dec. 16, Neil, Maiden Lane, Battle Bridge, varnish-manufacturer-Nov. 29, Morgan, Rope Makers' Fields, plumber- Dec. 6, Clarkson, Windmill Street, Finsbury Square, merchant-Nov. 25, Barnett, Essex Street, Strand, navy-agent-Nov. 25, Clothier, Wilmot Street, Brunswick Square, timber-merchant-Feb. 10, Morris, Lawrence Lane, wholesale linen-draper Nov. 29, Bushell, Bread Street, merchant-Nov. 25, Harlesben and Anthony, Long's Yard, Lamb's Conduit Street, wholesale confectioners-Nov. 29, Bardsley, Notting- lam, lace-manufacturer-Nov. 29, Gee, Nottingham, pawnbroker-Nov. 29, Wright and Davies, Liverpool, wholesale-grocers.


To be granted, sinless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Nov. 25. C. and E. Potter, Manchester calico-printers-E. and A. Rule, Leadenhall Street, ship-owners-Harris, Leicester, hosier-Harrison, Southwark Bridge Stone Wharf, atone-mason-Hawker, Cheltenham, tailor-Beville, Clapham Common, upholsterer Hay, Cowmires Yorkshire, saddler-Thomson, Liverpool, merchant-Lerew, -Great Portland gtreet, surgeon-Neighbour, jun. King Street, Snow Hill, wine-mer- chant-Strutton, Mitre Court, Fleet Street, tavern-keeper-Green, Little Chester street, Grosvenor Place, cow-keeper.