5 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 9



On the 18th ult. at Elgin, Mrs. LEITH HAY, ofa son. On the 29th nit. at Milford House, Hants. the lady of Lieut.-Col. D'Aecv, late Royal Artillery, ofa daughter. On the 30th tilt. in Blyonstone Square, at the house of the Bishop of Norwich the lady of Major Maims', of a son and heir.

On the 1st inst. in Connaught Square, the Hon. Mrs. Sroero rin, of a son.

On the 2nd inst. the lady of SAMUEL G ensesrosa, jun. Esq. of 0 daughter. On the 1st inst. in Baker Street, Lady J. W. MARTIN, of a son.

On the 30th ult. the lady of Captain Be I.Ker.ev, 2nd Life Guards, of a daughter. MARRIAGES.

On the 29th • ult. at Kensington, SIDNEY Rat xeonn ENSOR, Esq. of Dorset Street, Portman Square, to Miss FREuEmuCA JOHANNA.SEDLEy, of Notting Hill. On the list ult. at Christ Church, Marylebone, WILLIAM CUMMING, Esq. Deputy Commissary .General, to CAROLINE, widow of Arthur Binrow, Esq. of Hanley, Staffordshire, and St. John's Wood.

On the list ult. at Marylebone Church, ANDREW RomeaTsore, Esq. Berners Street, to ANN FilitLips, daughter of the late Samuel Boxill, Esq. of Barbadoes. • Om the 29th ult. at Moulton, Pembroke, CHARLES PORCHER LANG, of Sand Rock, in the county of Sorry, Esq., to EL:ZA, the youngest daughter of Sir John Owen, Bart., M.P. of Orielton, Pembrokeshire.

On the 29th ult. HENRY Roscoe' Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-law, youngest eon of the late William Roscoe, Esq., to MARIA, second daughter of Thomas Fletcher; Esq., of Liverpool.

• On the 29th ult. CHARLES EDWARD HITCHMAN, Esq., of Clare House, Hamp- stead, to ANNE, only daughter of Alexander Lee, Esq., of the Elms Lodge, in the county of Hants.

At St. Andrew's, MuNoo MURRAY, Esq., of Lintrose, to ANNE, second daughter of the late Thomas Mayne Willing, Esq., of Philadelphia.


On the 28th ult. at Brighton, MARY, widow of the late Major-General Bourchier, of Ardclony, in the comity of Clare, Ireland.

On the 30th ult. at Brighton, CHARLES Mireonn, Esq. of Pit's Hill, in the county of Sussex.

On the 10111 ult. W. SIDNEY TYTE, Esq. of Lincoln College, Oxford.

On the 1:ith ult. at Pisa, Miss Mans E ERA NCOISE AMETIIISSE HENRY, daughter of their Majesties the late Henry, Met King of Hayti, and of Marie Louise, now commonly called Madame Christophe. On the :list ult. E heaNOtt widow of Henry Dealtry, Esq.

On the let inst. M.aav, the wile of Captain John Fordyce Maples, C.B., of Kilburn Priory, Eclgeware Road.

On the 1st inst. WILLIAM Muss, Esq., late of Lombard Street.