5 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 9


Arrived. At Gravesend, Nov. 1st, Hector. Richardson, from Ceylon. Off Dover, 4th, Resource, Shuttleworth, from Madras. At Liverpool,. Oct. 29th, Gleniffer, Baxter, from Bengal. At the Cape, Aug. 7th, Eliza Jane, Finlay, from London ; 17th. City of Edinburgh, M'Kinnon, from Bengal; 19th, Claremont, Kincaird, from Bombay. At Bengal, May 14th, Capricorn, Smith, from Mauritius; 22d, Memnon, Patterson, from Liverpool. Sailed. From Gravesend, Oct. 30th, Arethusa, Bolton, for Van Diernen's Land 3 Nov. 2d, Orontes, Baker, for Madras, and Retina, Murdoch, for New South Wales From the Clyde, Oct. 22d, Janet, Rogers, for Bombay.