5 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 8


Monday, October 31.

The Rural Sweepstakes of 100 Sovereigns each, fur colts, 8st. 71b. and fillies, 8st. 31b. then 3 yrs. old. D. I. Duke of Richmond's c. Elves, by Whalebone (Boyce) 1 Lord Lowther's c. by Smolensk° ........ 2 Lord Exeter's c. by Tramp . 3 Mr. Lumley's b. c. Auditor 4 The Criterion Stakes of 31) Sovereigns each, 20 ft. for 2 yr. olds, colts, 8st. 31b. fillies, Bit. 1lb. from the turn of the Lands in. 3S Subscribers. Mr. Dilly's ch. c. Margrave (G. Edwards) 1 Colonel Peel's b. c. Archibald • 2 Handicap Plate of 1001. for 4, 5, 6, and aged horses. D. I Lord Lowther's Bustle, 4 yrs. 7st. 61b. (Chapple) 1

Mr. Rush's ch. g. Guildford, 5 yrs.7st. 121b.

Match, 200 Sovereigns, h. ft. T. Y, C. Sir M. Wood's ch. c. by Phantom, out of Louisa, 7st. 81b. (Chapple), beat Mr. Thornhill's ch. c. Cavenham, sat. by a head.

Match, 300 Sovereigns, b. ft. A. F. Lord Chesterfield's Titania (Concily), beat Mr. Wagstaff's Streamlet, Set. 7113. each, by a length. One-third of a Subscription of 25 Sovereigns each. B. C. 7 Subscribers.

Sir M. Wood's Lucetta. 5 yrs. 8st. 81b. (Robinson) Lord Exeter's Varna, 5 yrs. 8st. 81b. 2

The Pocket Stakes of 150 Sovereigns each, h. ft. for fillies, 8st. 71b. D. M. 5


Lord Exeter's Marmora walked over. Match, 100 Sovereigns, b. ft. Captain Byng's Dryad, 7st. 71b. received from Lord Lichfield's Egbert, 8st. 71b. T. Y. C. Tuesday, November 1.

Fifty Pounds: for 2-yr. olds carrying a feather ' • 3 yrs., ist. 51b.; 4 yrs. 8st. 91b.; '

5 yrs. 9st. 31b.- 6 yrs. 9st, 71b:; and aged, 9s1. 101b. Last three miles of B. C.

The winner to be sold for 300 guineas, Sec.

Mr. Henry's Scipio, 3 yrs. (Chapple) 1 Hon. Mr. Ongley's Pandora, 4 yrs. Match, 300 soya. each, h. ft. T. Y. C. Mr. Henry's Agreeable, 4 yrs. Sst. 7lb. (G. Edwards), beat Mr. W. Chifney's c., by Emilius, out of Pigmy, 3 yrs. Set. 71b. by a length. 2 to 1 on Agreeable. Handicap Sweepstakes of 10 Soya. each. T. Y. C. 9 Subscribers.

Mr. Chifney's Landrail, 4 yrs. Set. Ilb. (Robinson) 1

Mr. S. Day's Barabbas, 3 yrs. 7st. 1016. 2 Match 50 p. p. Bet. 51b. ea :Is T. Y. C.

Lord Lichfield's Terry-Alt, by Sligo, out of Miniature, 2 yrs.

(Arnull) 1

Lord Exeter's f. Trick, by Mountebank, out of Augusta 2

Handicap Sweepstakes, of 25 sovereigns each, 10 ft. R. M. For 3 yr. olds. Mr. Forth's ch. c. by Muley, out of Lacerta, 7st. 10Ib. (Buckle, jun.) 1 Lord Warwick's 'Water Witch, 7st. 71b.. 2

Handicap Sweepstakes, of 30 sovereigns each, 20 ft. for 8 3r. olds. Last mile and a

distance of IL C. 6 subscribers.

Mr. Payne's Paddy (Lisette colt), 7st. (Nat) 1 Duke of Grafton's Mneas, 7st. 81b 2 Earl Grosvenor's Sarpedon, Set. lib 3 Mr. Vansittart's Rubini, Set. 31b 4

Mr. Hunter's Brother to Christina, ist. 5 Wednesday, Nov. 2d.

Handicap Sweepstakes of 30 Sovereigns each, 20 ft., for 3 yr. olds. T. Y. C. Dlr. Cooke's Incubus, 8st. 1211x. (Wright) 1 Mr. Mills's Whitehoy, rst. 10lb . .. 2 Mr. Chifney's Pigmy colt, Sst. 21b 3 Mr. Petre's Rattler, 8st. lib .. 4

Mr. Batson's Bluff, 7st. 6Ib .. . 5 Subscription Plate of 501.; for 2 yr. olds, Set. 71b. ; 3 yrs. Sst. 10lb. T. Y. C. The winner to be sold for 350 guineas, &c.

General Grosvenor's Kitty Fisher, 2 yrs. (a lad) 1 Captain Bulkeley's sister to Pi nwire, 2 yrs 2 Sweepstakes of 10 sovereigns each, for 2 yr. olds, 7st. and 3 yrs. 8st. 71b. T.Y.C. 8 Subscribers.

Mr. Stonehewer's Lioness, 3 yrs. (Robinson) Mr. Mills's Whiteboy, 3 yrs. . . 2 Match, 100 h. ft. R. DI. Sir M. Wood's Galantine, 8st. 21b. beat Lord Orford's :Grand Duke, 8st. 10Ib. by a length-7 to 4 on the loser.

Handicap Plate of 501. for 3-yr. olds and upwards. A. F.

Mr. Ramsbnttom's Zueltarelli, 4 yrs. 7st. 11b. (Pay's) 1 Lord Jersey's Glenartney, aged, 8st. 10th 2 Sir, Theakston's Christina, 4 yrs. fist. I 21b. 3

Thursday, .November 3.

Matches, 25 Sovereigns. T.Y.C.-Lord Mountcharles's Carwell agst Mr. S. Day's Barabbas ; dead beat ; 50 Sovereigns. T.Y.C.-Captain Byng's Dryad beat Lord Mountcharles's Bassetlaw • 100 Sovereigns.- T.Y.C.-Mr. Greville's Agincourt beat General Grosvenor's Bartolozzi ; 100 Sovereigns. T.Y.C.-Lord WorceSter's Coulon beat Sir M. Wood's Landrail ; 50 Sovereigns. Criterion Conrse-Lord Worcester's -Haymaker beat Mr. Greville's Agincourt; 25 Sovereigns. T.Y.C.-Lord Mount- charles's Clio beat Lord Jersey's Ales-' 100 Sovereigns. T.Y.C-Sir S: Graham's Little Fanny beat the Duke of RutlancrsClansman ; 50 Sovereigns. Last half of Ab. .M.-Capt. Rous's Crutch beat Lord Mounteharles's Minster ; 200 Sovereigns. A.F. -Mr. S. Stonehewer's Variation beat Lord Wilton's Rongh Robin; 50 Save- reigns. Last half of Ab. M.-Capt. Rotts's Crutch beat Lord Mountcharles' Miuster; 200 Sovereigns. h. ft.' A. F.-Mr. Stonehewer's Variation beat Lord Wilten's Rough Robin.

Subscription Handicap Plate of 501. D. I. Duke of Richmoud's Conciliation beat Lord Jersey's Glenartney.

Duke of Richmond's Conciliation, 3 yrs:7st. 41b. (Paris) • 1 Hon. Sr. Ongley's b. m. Pandora, 4 yrs. 8st. 41b. 2 Lord Jersey's Glenartney, aged, 9st. 21b. 3 Friday November 4.

Matches, 25 Sovereigns. T.Y.C.-Mr. Pettit's limla beat afr. WagstatEs Stream let ; 30 Sovereigns. T.Y.C.-Lord Mounteharles's Minster beat Mr. Henry's Muff; 30 Sovereigns. First half of Air. 51.-Lord Momitcharles's Bassetlaw beat Mr. Cosby's Adam Brock ; 100' Sovereigns h. ft. T.Y.C.-111r. Day's Caledonian (late Barabbas). beat Mr. Forth's c. by Emilius.

Handicap Sweepstakes of 10 Sovereigns each. D. M. 10 Subscribers. Lord Warwick's Water Witch, 3 yrs. fist. 1216. (Chapple) . . r . I Lord Barlington's Mouse colt,4 yrs. 7st. 41bi.. . . . 2

The Nursery Stakes of 25 Sovereigns each, for 2 year olds. D I.

Mr. Day's Gratis, 8st (Conelly) Sir R. Dick's Miss Mary Anne, 8st. 31b 2 Lord Jersey's c-, by Middleton, Get. 131b. 3 The Cavendish Stakes of 100 Sovereigns each, h. ft., for 2 yrs.lold colts, Sat. 7th., and fillies 8st. 411,. T. Y. C. 6 Subscribers.

Sir H. Wood's f. by Truffle, dam by Blackbird (Robinson) 1 Mr. Cooke's Bedouin, by Tramp. 2 The Audley End Stakes, of 80 Sovereigns each. A. E. C.

Sir M. Wood's Lucetta, 5 yrs. Set. 616. 1 Mr. Chapman's The Cardival, 4 yrs. Sat. 716........ 2