5 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 9


ORDINATIONS.-At an ordination held at Salisbury, by the Lord Bishop of that diocese, on Sunday the 16th ult. the following Gentlemen were ordained.-Deacorge -T. A. Houblon, B.A. Oriel College, W. Dyer, B.A. Jesits College, and W. Ainslie. lyne, B.A. Pembroke College, Oxford ; H. P. Shewell, B.A. St. Peter's Colleges Cambridge; T. V. Foibery, B A. Trinity College. Dublin. Priests-Rev. J. Birchall, M.A. Rev../. F. West. M.A. and Rev. O. Ormerod, B.A. Brasennose College, Rev. J. Vaughan, B.A. Balliol College, Rev. G. Richards, B.A. All Souls' College, Rev. C. Mackenzie, B.A. Pembroke College, Rev. H. N. Goldney, B.A. St. John's College, Rev. R. Dyer, B.A. and Rev. G. Kennard, B.A. St. Alban Hall, Oxford; Rev. R. Cosens, B A. and Rev. J. Lewes, B.A. St. John's College, Cambridge.

The following Gentlemen of Cambridge University were ordained by the Bishop of Exeter, on the 233 ult. Deacons-R. Bass, B.A. and J. Smith, Tri- nity College; W. Hocken, B.A. and J. W. Johns, B.A. St. John's College; W. Barker, M.A. Corpus Christi College ; F. W. Pye, B.A. Queen's College ; J.Cottle, ILA. Catharine Hall ; C. B. Gould. B.A. Magdalene College ; and E. A. Rouse, B.A. Sidney Sussex College. Priests-H. Corlase, B.A., W. DI. T. Paige, B.A., G. Pigott, B.A., and F. Parker, Trinity College ; R. Tyaycke, B.A. St. John's College ; P. Gil. pin, Z.A. and H. A. Greaves, M.A. Corpus Christi College ; and F. B. Briggs, B.A. Queens College.

PREFER MENTS.-The Rev. It. Vernon, Rector of Heythorpe, Oxfordshire, to the Rectory of Grafton Flyford, Worcestershire, vacant by the death of the Rev. R. Berke. Patron, the Earl of Coventry.

The Rev. Archdeacon Hamilton to the first Residentlaryship in Lichfield Cathe- dral, vacated by the Rev. J. Lonsdale.

The Rev. II. Whitehead to the Chapelry of Hensingham, Cumberland. Patron, Earl of Lonsdale.

The Rev. T. Scard, M.A. of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and Master of the Grammar School at Bishop's Waltham, succeeds to the curacy of that place, void by the pro- motion of the Rev. C. Walters to the Rectory of Braindean. The Rev. J. Williams, M.A. Fellmv of Jesus College, Oxford, has been appointed Domestic Chaplain to the Right Hun. Lord Moorhen. The Rev. J. A. Colpoys, M.A. Rector of North Waltham, Hants, to the Rectory of Droxford, in that county, void by the resignation of the Rev. W. Garniee, 51.A. The Rev. T. Lowe to the Ministry of the New Church of St. Paul, Warrington, Lancashire.

The Rev. W. G. Bricknell, to the Vicarage of Hartley Wintney, Hants. Patron, Lady St. .John Mildmay. The Rev. C. S. Stewart, Session Clerk, Perth, to the Church and Parish of Aber- dolgie. Patron, the Earl of Kinuoul.

The ltev. H. P. Jones, Rector of Edgeworth, Gloucestershire, to be Domestic C adlain to Lord Seagrave. The Rev. U. Smithwitic, of the Cathedral of KIllaloe, is appointed to the Living o. Birr, in the room of the Rev. It. Hume, metro succeeds to the Vicarage of Aughaday Diocese of Derry, void by the death of the Rev. Mr. Paul.