5 NOVEMBER 1853, Page 18



We have before mentioned the bestowal of the annual prize of the Li, verpool Fine Arta Academy upon Mr. W. Holman Hunt's picture of "Claudio and Isabella." The same spirit which reigns at Liverpool ap. pears to influence Birmingham; the directors of the exhibition at that city having now made a similar award in favour.of this artist's "Strayed Sheep—Our English Coasts, 1852 "—which we pronounced to be the most perfect as the other was the highest treatment in the Royal Academy. What makes the intention of this decision the more marked, is the fact that the first prize at Birmingham had hitherto, as we understand, been reserved for subjects of historic or dramatic interest. But the directors seem to think, and reasonably, that supreme merit, in whatever class, is the paramount consideration. The second prize is carried off by Mr. Ansdell.

At Manchester, Mr. Cope has received the first prize for his picture of "Othello relating his Adventures " ; Mr. Linton the second for a view of Venice ; and Mr. Edward Corbould a medal for his water-colour design, "The The Magic Mirror." Mr. Hunt's name will be connected with the Liverpool exhibition by a purchase as well by a prize. We hear good reports of a picture, not yet known to the London galleries, from the graceful and promising hand of Mr. Deverell,—representing a young lady with a caged bird, and christened "The Pet." This work has been bought by Mr. Hunt and Mr. Millais jointly ; and we know no guarantee of its excellence which ought to be more gratifying to the author.