5 NOVEMBER 1853, Page 18

The Nest. Fac-simile of a Water-Colour Drawing by Hunt. Chrome-

Lithograph by M. and N. Hanhart.

[This print is rightly denominated a "fac-simile" ; and a fac-simile of 01)(1 of those modest little bits of the poetry of nature in which Mr. William Hunt so peculiarly excels cannot but be charming. It is- indeed exquisitely re- peated in the fresh and brilliant but harmonious colouring, in the truth of floral and general representation, and in the delicacies of touch which are dis- tinctive of a master's style. The subject has been capitally chosen for dis- playing the capacities of the art of chrome-lithography; and no more per- fect specimen of that art can.be expected, rinks& it could succeed in surpass- ing water-colour design.]