5 NOVEMBER 1853, Page 19


On the 20th July, at Birksgate, near Adelaide, South Australia, the Wife of Arthur Hardy, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 23,1 October, at Shrigley Hall, Cheshire, Mrs. Brabazon Lowther, of a daughter, who survived only a few hours.

On the 28th, at Aston Rectory, Hertz, the Wife of the Rev. G. A. Oddie, of a son.

On the 30th, at Weimar. Germany, the Lady of C. F. Rocheid, Esq., of Inverleith, county of Mid-Lothian, of a son and heir.

On the 31st, in Tiloey Street, the Viscountess Dalrymple, of a son.


On the 1st September, at St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town, John Robert Kin- dersley, Esq., Madras Civil Service, to Emma, third daughter of the lion. Ewan Christian, of Cape Town. On the 25th October, at Leigh Church, Worcestershire, the Hon. and Rev. George Robert Gifford, to Mary Ann Danet, the eldest daughter of Thomas Norbury, Esq., of Sherridge, in that county. On the 25th, at Llanelly Church, Sir Godfrey Thomas, Bart., of Glamorgan House, Clifton, to Emily, eldest daughter of William Chambers jun., Esq., of Llanelly House, Carmarthenshire. On the 27th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Lord Frederick James Fitzroy, third son of the Duke of Grafton, to Catherine Sarah Wilhelmina, youngest daughter of the late Rev. William Wescouth, Rector of Langford, Essex. On the 29th, at St. George's Church, llulme, James Smith, Esq., of Alfred Place, Bedford Square, to Mary Anne, relict of the late T. Heywood Rutter, Esq., of Man- chester.


On the 5th September, at Abbottabad, near Attock. Captain W. W. Repton, Corn.. mandant of the Third Sikh Infantry, fourth son of the Rev. Edward Repton, Canon of Westminster.

On the 22d, killed in action, at Aurungabad, in an engagement between a detach- ment under the command of Brigadier Mayne, which he joined as a volunteer, and an Arab force, in the Nizam's territories, Horace de Berckem Bosworth, Ensign in the Twenty-sixth Regiment Bombay N. I., third son of Thomas Holmes Bosworth, Esq., of Westerham, Kent; in his 22d year.

On the 18th October, at the Rectory, Sunningivell, Berks, the Rev. Henry Bowyer, second son of the late Admiral Sir George Bowyer, Bart.; in his 68th year. On the 26th, at Hindlip House, the Right Hon. Jane Viscountess Southwell ; in her 77th year. On the 27th, at the Palace, Derry, the Right Rev. Dr. Ponsonby, Bishop of Derry and Itaphoe; in his 831 year. On the 27th, at Queensborough, Drogheda, Joseph Wright, Esq.; in his 90th year. On the 27th, in New Street, Spring Gardens, at the house of her son, Sir Richard Mayne, K.C.B., Mrs. Mayne, widow of the late Mr. Justice Mayne, of the Court of King's Bench, Ireland ; in her 89th year. On the 28th, at his residence in the county of Dublin, Lord Cloncurry; in his 80th ear.

On the 28th, in Merrion Square, Dublin, the Hon. Lady Levinge; in her 67th year. On the 28th, Sarah, widow of the late Mr. Edward Minister, and mother of Mr. Edward Minister, of Argyll Place, Regent Street; in her 91st year.

On the 29th, the Rev. Samuel Pitman, of Oulton Hall, Norfolk, upwards of thirty years a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant. On the 29th, in Sussex Place, Regent's Park, Charles A. H. Calder, Esq., the youngest son of Sir Henry and Lady Frances Calder ; in his 23d year. On the 31st, in Lower Grosvenor Place, Pimlico, the Hon. and Rev. James Norton, of Anningsley Park, Chertsey, brother of Lord Grantley, and of the Hon. G. C. Nor- ton; in his 44th year.

On the 31st, at Great Malvern, Valentine, Earl of Kenmare ; in his 65th year. Lately, at Bermuda, of yellow fever, Frederick Wodehouse, Esq., Captain Royal Artillery, third son of the Hon. and Rev. William Worlehouse.