5 NOVEMBER 1853, Page 2

'Of Cunt.

Terrivrrms, given in honour of the illustrious guests of the Queen, form the gist of the Court newsman's budget. Her Majesty has entertained a distinguished circle at Windsor Castle ; including Count Walewski the Marquis of Lansdowne, Lord John Russell, Sir James Graham, Earl Granville, Lord Raglan, Lord Elphinstone, the Duke of Newcastle, the Chevalier Bunsen, Lord Palmerston, and Lord Hardinge.

The Queen and Prince Albert went to Sydenham on Tuesday morning, and, along with the King of the Belgians, the Duke and Duchess of Bra- bant, and the Count of Flanders, surveyed the Crystal Palace, now far advanced towards completion. Her Majesty was conducted not only over the Palace, but also over the grounds. She remained there nearly five hours, and was delighted and astonished at what she saw. The Belgian Princes have made frequent excursions to London this week : Prince Albert has passed some time in shooting with them, in company with Lord Granville and Lord Elgin ; and the Duchess of Bra- bant has accompanied the Queen in her drives and walks.

Prince Albert visited London yesterday morning, and returned to Windsor in the afternoon.

The Duchess of Gloucester, now in her seventy-seventh year, is se- riously indisposed.